The new 2021 Brown Bag Mystery kits are now available! Two sizes available, Regular makes a 54" x 70" quilt & Jumbo makes a 74" x 90" by adding an additional border. This mystery will begin mid March, which will give you plenty of time to cut your fabric and be ready! Clues will be mailed every two weeks beginning March 19th.

Hawaiian Moon 9oz Aloe Vera Skin Care + bonus

SKU: 71817

An Excellent Moisturizer Looking to give your skin some extra love? Our Hawaiian Moon Aloe vera skin cream is an excellent all-around moisturizer. It penetrates your skin 7 layers deep, hydrating from the very basal layer of your skin. Because it’s a great moisturizer, it can improve skin conditions ranging from ashy skin, generally dry skin, chapped skin, cracked hands, itchy skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and more. Our Hawaiian Moon Aloe vera skin cream also works great on other ailments! Things like abrasions, bee stings, bruises, burns, chapped skin, healing cuts, diaper rash on your babies, insect bites, and even itchy skin. It is not only an excellent moisturizer, it helps you recover from nasty sunburns whenever you’ve forgotten your sun screen.

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