The new 2021 Brown Bag Mystery kits are now available! Two sizes available, Regular makes a 54" x 70" quilt & Jumbo makes a 74" x 90" by adding an additional border. This mystery will begin mid March, which will give you plenty of time to cut your fabric and be ready! Clues will be mailed every two weeks beginning March 19th.

Embellish Soft Cutaway ESC-20

SKU: 62788

Embellish™ Soft Cutaway supports knits and other unstable fabrics for machine embroidery. It’s unique, non-directional textured pattern adds strength to the stabilizer while eliminating bulk and is often seen in logos and other designs placed on t-shirts, polos, athletic wear, costume fabric, kid’s garments and onesies. Embellish™ Soft Cutaway is the perfect solution to create free-standing embroidered designs for applique, patches, lace or other dense designs that were not digitized to be free-standing designs. Simply embroider the design on stabilizer only and then “melt” away the stabilizer using RNK’s heat cutting tool. One layer of Embellish™ Soft Cutaway is perfect for designs containing up to 6,000 stitches. For designs with more stitch count, add a second layer or use an Embellish™ Tearaway as a floater under the embroidery frame. Also available in a fusible version.

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