As many of you may know, I (Kaitlin) will be relocating to Roanoke, Virginia at the end of the week to answer God's calling on my life. Thanks to the amazing staff here at AST, especially Ken & Karen, I will still be working virtually from Virginia! I will still be sending out weekly newsletters, updating social media, and working on our new website. 
You might be wondering why I'm telling you all this, but there is a reason! While packing my sewing room up, I decided to use the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Since it's in the 70's outside, you can spring clean in February, right? Anyway, I am not ashamed to admit, I am a hoarder of scraps. Especially Bonnie & Camille scraps! I just can't stand to throw away those little cuties! 
So since I've had so much spare time on my hands lately (NOT!!!), I have been scouring Pinterest for the best scrappy quilts I can find! Lucky you, I have decided to share my favorites with you today. (:

Scrappy Quilted Tote Bag from A Bright Corner
Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along from Mochi Studios


Scrappy Bookshelf Quilt from The Last Piece


Postage Stamp 2 from My Purple Patch


Scrappy Fence Rail from KatyQuilts


String Quilt by Crazy Mom Quilts