Spring is here and summer will be here before you know it!  Time to rotate that wardrobe.  If you are like me there isn't much to rotate.  Years ago my husband and I moved every couple of years when he would get a promotion so it didn't matter if I kept wearing the same old clothes because I had new friends that hadn't seen them.  Presently we had lived in Georgia for almost 13 years and my clothes are tired!  This year I am going to try something different.  I want to give my clothes new life.  I am going to add some embroidery to spruce them up.
When I am demonstrating an embroidery machine customers often say they don't know what to use it for or how much they would use it.  I say "You can't use what you don't own!"  Embroidery opens up a whole new wonderful world.  By adding an embroidery design to a garment you already own it's like shopping in your own closet.
We have the cutest embroidery designs from Lunch Box Quilts here at A Scarlet Thread.  They are Patches N' Pincushions and retail for just $33.99!  Each design comes digitized in either a patch or pincushion version.  I have had the above denim jacket for a few years and was almost ready to throw it out but instead just added the embroidery patches to it. Now I have a "new-to-me" garment ready for spring.
The embroidery designs on my jeans are from Urban Threads.  I stitched them on wash-away stabilizer and then stitched them on my jeans using a regular sewing machine.  The Baby Lock machines have a pivot feature that is great for this type of work.  I just activated the pivot and started sewing.  Each time I stopped sewing the foot pops up and the needle stays down.  This allowed me to turn my jeans without having to raise the foot each time manually.  What a great time saver and made sewing much easier.

- Jill