I don’t know about you, but I can look at something all the time, hear other people talk about, and still not have any interest until I actually use it for myself. That’s exactly what happened with the Hera Marker for me! We have carried this product in store for as long as I can remember, and we obviously sell them because I remember restocking them more than once. However, every time I saw it on the notions wall, or restocked it from the overstock drawer, I always thought “what in the heck does this thing do and why do people buy it?”

Well I am here to tell you today, that it is INCREDIBLE! The Hera Marker is a great alternative to chalk and other marking tools. It makes a very visible line that doesn’t smudge or accidentally rub off. You never have to “refill” it because it is simply a piece of white plastic.

Keep reading to see how I used the Hera Marker to mark quilting lines or click here to buy a Hera Marker now!

First, I began with a quilt sandwich (top layer, batting, bottom layer) that was trimmed to an even rectangle shape.


Next, I used the 45 degree line on my ruler to line up with the side edge of the fabric. Then I began marking my lines leaving 1 ¾” in between each line. All you have to do is use medium-firm pressure while gliding the Hera Marker across your fabric. Easy as pie!


Once all of my lines were marked in one direction, I simply turned the rectangle around, lined up the 45 degree line of my ruler with the other edge of the fabric and began marking intersecting lines. I made these lines the same width (1 ¾”) apart as the first set. So when I was done, the quilt sandwich had a very easy to see cross hatch pattern.


I also used the Hera Marker to draw some other free-hand lines, including a wavy line, a zig-zag line, and a cross hatch line. The possibilities are truly endless with this tool! You could draw all kinds of free motion quilting designs, use with a paper pattern to transfer on your fabric, and so much more!


May your bobbin always be full,