School's out for summer! That means if you have young children, grandchildren, or siblings they probably looking for something to do. You may have already heard the dreaded phrase, "I'm bored!" This blog post is packed full of simple sewing tutorials to help you teach your favorite kids how to sew this summer.

First up, the basics are always an important place to start. This video from MADE Everyday is an excellent informational tool! Dana will walk you through all the basics you need to know, from how to use your machine, to various sewing techniques. It is a bit long, so start at 2:35 for machine basics, 8:00 for sewing basics, or 13:57 for stitch basics.

Next up, its great to start sewing by practicing straight lines until your child gets the hang of it. When first beginning you can even use paper to practice straight lines; either use plain copy paper and draw your own or use lined notebook paper to save extra prep time.

Once your child has mastered straight lines, you can move on to some simple projects. This is where your child really starts to feel like they are learning something fun because they get to see a finished product. Below are some simple projects that mostly use straight lines. Click the link above each photo to be taken to the tutorial site.

I tried to organize these with the most simple projects first and then progressively getting more challenging.

1. Simple Pillowcase Tutorial from MADE Everyday

2. DIY 5-Minute Cloth Napkin Tutorial from Viva Veltoro

3. 30 Minute Baby Blanket Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

4. DIY Microwavable Heating Pad from The Happy Housewife

5. Easy to Sew Skirt from Dabbles & Babbles

6. Cozy Pillow Bed from Dabbles & Babbles

7. iPad Stand Tutorial from Sewn Up

8. 30-Minute Drawstring Fabric Backpack from Hello Wonderful

9. Beach Towel Tote Bag from Dandee Designs

10. iPad Cover from Pat Bravo Design

Have you made other projects with kids that are simple and easy? Share them in the comments below!

May your bobbin always be full,