Easter is one of the best holidays in my opinion. Fun, bright colors, candy, sweets, time with family, and most importantly the true reason we celebrate Easter, our savior is risen! One thing I can remember growing up, we always went to my best friend's house after church for an incredible Easter egg hunt. All the kids would run around looking for as many eggs as their basket would hold, but the best part was each kid had their own GIANT EGG! These placemats were inspired by those giant eggs and bring back some of my childhood memories every time I look at them.

The best part about these placemats is you can use your scraps! As quilters, we all have that embarrassing stash of scraps that you just can't bear to throw away but you also never use them... I'm just as guilty as you are. So I wrote this tutorial just for those all the scrappy strips hanging out in my sewing room. Hope you enjoy!


  • 6-12 Fat Quarters or 1/4 yard cuts (Don't be afraid to use your scraps!)
  • 1 1/3 yards backing & binding 
    • Or 4 FQ's for backing & 220" bias binding
  • Scrap batting - 4 pieces approx 16" x 20"
  • Matching thread for quilting
  • Marking tool (Frixion pens, chalk, etc.)
  • Rotary cutting supplies & fabric scissors
  1. Gather your fabrics. This is anegg-cellent time to use up any scrap strips of fabric at least 2" or wider. Leftover jellyroll strips are perfect for this!
  2. Cut strips ranging in width from 2" - 4." Strips should be approx 12" - 15" in length. Some shorter strips may work on the ends, but for bestresults longer strips are best.
  3. Arrange strips into 4 different groups. Each group will be one egg placemat. Be sure to have a good variety in each & use your shorter strips closest to the end of your groupings. Sew strips together and press. You can press all seams in onedirections or press your seams open.
  4. Download and print egg template here. Fold on the "fold #1" line and tape together then fold on the "fold #2" line and tape again. Lastly, fold one the "fold #3" line and tape across the two pages. Now you should have a giant egg template. 
  5. Trace your egg template on your strip sets using your choice of marking tool. My favorite marking tool is a Frixion pen, which disappears with heat. Cut along the traced lines.
  6. Press and starch each egg shape after cutting out. It is important to use starch in this step to keep your egg shapes from getting stretched or distorted while handling.
  7. Lay egg shape, batting, and backing to make a quiltsandwhich. Quilt as desired. Then cut out quilted egg shape as close to the edge as possible. 
  8. Make bias tape or purchase pre-made bias tape from a craft store. I used double fold pre-made bias tape and sewed my binding on following the steps in this tutorial. 
  9. That's it! You now have four gorgeous Easter Egg Placemats that all your guests will rave about!