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Patriotic Quilt Round-Up

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 9:44 PM

With the 4th of July coming up soon, we all have plans in mind to go see fireworks, have a cookout, or simply enjoy the day off work. No matter what you're doing to celebrate the holiday, a patriotic quilt is something everyone needs in their life!

I just recently made a scrappy patriotic quilt and while trying to decide on a pattern I came across many favorites to share! Of course if you're going for a fast finish (like me), you can always just make a patchwork quilt from 5" squares. But if you want something a little more involved check out these quilts below!

9 Ways to Spice Up a Nine-Patch Block

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 3:09 PM

Just about every quilter on the planet knows how to make a basic nine-patch block. This is one of the first blocks we teach in our Beginning Quilting curriculum here at AST, and it's an extremely east block to make. However, it has a bad rap for kind of being a boring block that doesn't make for a very exciting quilt. Well think again, because today we are showing 9 Ways to Spice Up a Nine-Patch Block!

These quilts are not your basic, boring blocks but instead bring a whole new life to using a nine-patch in your projects! The source for each is tagged above the picture. Hope you enjoy!

1. Nine Patch BOM from Uncommon Threads Quilt Guild

2. Mod Nine Patch Quilt from Moda Bake Shop

3. Reverse Hopscotch Quilt from V & Co.

4. Scrappy Nine Patch by the Sea from Diary of a Quilter

5. Urban Nine Patch Quilt from Sew Kind of Wonderful

6. All in a Row from Kim Diehl's Book Simple Comforts (Picture from Snippets of a Quilter) 

7. Stitched from Pat Sloan

8. Welcome Little One from Moda Bake Shop

9. Line Dance from Fons & Porter

Hope you enjoy these nine-patch patterns and maybe even find some inspiration for your next project!

May your bobbin always be full,


Finding Inspiration

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 4:35 PM

Why are some people always starting projects and never finishing while other people seem to have a super human quilting speed and one project after another flies off their sewing machine? As a former quilt shop owner and someone who has quilted for more than 30 years, I can tell you that the answer to this question comes down to one simple word -- INSPIRATION. When you're really truly inspired with each project you begin, your sewing machine flies and you can't wait to finish. You are a fearless quilting ninja!

The way to stay inspired is to push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Choose a "not your usual" color scheme, modify a pattern, tackle that project that intimidates you, try a new technique with each new project. Take a class in something you don't think interests you -- you may (or may not!) find a new passion. Maybe you've never tried paper piecing or appliqué. Find a class and give it a whirl. In a nutshell, never stop learning!

I keep an inspiration notebook that I turn to when I'm stuck or feel myself falling into a quilting rut. When I run across an idea that piques my interest, I'll jot it down in my notebook. I also keep pictures in my notebook of things that inspire me. It might be a flower bed filled with riotous colors or the pattern of a tile floor. Architectural elements often lend themselves to quilting. I see machine quilting design potential in both of these photos:

Source: Standout Fireplace Designs

Source: Rusty Jaw

I can envision potential quilt borders in these tile designs:

Source: Urban Home Magazine

Unless I'm looking at antique or vintage quilts for unique design ideas (eBay is great for this!), it's pretty rare for me to actually look for quilts that inspire me. There are a zillion quilts already on my wish list to make, but it's the creativity of making a unique quilt that inspires me most whether in color scheme, fabric combinations or quilting patterns. This is where my inspiration notebook comes in handy. I will often spend time exploring Instagram or Google Images for non-quilt related ideas that inspire me. One of my favorite searches on Google Images is "cake design" which often yields color combinations that spark my creativity.

Source: Wedding Services Kenya

And if all else fails there's always Pinterest, but that's a rabbit hole you may never find your way out of!

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Look around you. Design is everywhere! How can you incorporate the beauty that surrounds you into your quilting?

Find your inspiration!

Here at A Scarlet Thread, we LOVE all things AccuQuilt! The AccuQuilt cutting systems are some of our best selling products, and we just love how accurate and fun it makes quilting! If you have never heard of the AccuQuilt, it is a die cutting system for fabrics, basically just like the die cutters you may have seen used in schools to cut letters out of paper. If you're asking yourself, "Why would I need one of these?," here is your answer!

For today's post I have rounded up 12 of the most stunning AccuQuilt patterns I could find that can be made using JUST ONE DIE! Many of you who have an AccuQuilt cutting system may already have many of these dies at home, because most of them are very popular. If you don't have an AccuQuilt cutting system already, stop by the shop to see a quick demo anytime and you could even take one home with you! The best thing about all these patterns is they are completely FREE, and all of them can be made using your stash of scraps at home!

(Note: To download the patterns, you have to add them to your shopping cart on the AccuQuilt website and go through the checkout process. However, you won't have to enter any payment information since they are free downloads!)

1. Twirling Star Quilt - Uses Half Hexagon Die (#55437)

2. Churn Dash Baby Quilt - Uses GO! Big Churn Dash Die (#55459)

3. Braided Beauty Quilt - Uses 45° Parallelogram Die (#55148)

4. Value Die Sampler Quilt - Uses Value Die (#55018)

5. Log Cabin Love Wall Hanging - Uses Log Cabin Die (#55349)

6. One Hour Scallop Pillow - Uses Scallop Border Die (#55417)

7. Crazy Cores Quilt - Uses Apple Core Die (#55036)

8. Woolly Bits Scarf - Uses Hexagon Die (#55011)

9. Triangle Sherbert Quilt - Uses Equilateral Triangle Die (#55079)

10. Flying Rainbow Geese Quilt - Uses Flying Geese Die (#55456)

11. Christmas Wishes Quilt - Uses LeMoyne Star Die (#55453) (Technically this pattern uses two dies, but the second is just for the border so I am still including it because it's gorgeous!)

12. Stepping Stones Quilt - Uses 3 1/2" Square (#55006) & 6 1/2" Half Square Triangle Square (#55001) (This also uses two dies, but they are both small dies that are basics you may already have.)

I hope you enjoy these patterns! Let us know what you think in the comments or if you have any others to share!

May your bobbin always be full,


School's out for summer! That means if you have young children, grandchildren, or siblings they probably looking for something to do. You may have already heard the dreaded phrase, "I'm bored!" This blog post is packed full of simple sewing tutorials to help you teach your favorite kids how to sew this summer.

First up, the basics are always an important place to start. This video from MADE Everyday is an excellent informational tool! Dana will walk you through all the basics you need to know, from how to use your machine, to various sewing techniques. It is a bit long, so start at 2:35 for machine basics, 8:00 for sewing basics, or 13:57 for stitch basics.

Next up, its great to start sewing by practicing straight lines until your child gets the hang of it. When first beginning you can even use paper to practice straight lines; either use plain copy paper and draw your own or use lined notebook paper to save extra prep time.

Once your child has mastered straight lines, you can move on to some simple projects. This is where your child really starts to feel like they are learning something fun because they get to see a finished product. Below are some simple projects that mostly use straight lines. Click the link above each photo to be taken to the tutorial site.

I tried to organize these with the most simple projects first and then progressively getting more challenging.

1. Simple Pillowcase Tutorial from MADE Everyday

2. DIY 5-Minute Cloth Napkin Tutorial from Viva Veltoro

3. 30 Minute Baby Blanket Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

4. DIY Microwavable Heating Pad from The Happy Housewife

5. Easy to Sew Skirt from Dabbles & Babbles

6. Cozy Pillow Bed from Dabbles & Babbles

7. iPad Stand Tutorial from Sewn Up

8. 30-Minute Drawstring Fabric Backpack from Hello Wonderful

9. Beach Towel Tote Bag from Dandee Designs

10. iPad Cover from Pat Bravo Design

Have you made other projects with kids that are simple and easy? Share them in the comments below!

May your bobbin always be full,


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