Here at A Scarlet Thread, we LOVE all things AccuQuilt! The AccuQuilt cutting systems are some of our best selling products, and we just love how accurate and fun it makes quilting! If you have never heard of the AccuQuilt, it is a die cutting system for fabrics, basically just like the die cutters you may have seen used in schools to cut letters out of paper. If you're asking yourself, "Why would I need one of these?," here is your answer!

For today's post I have rounded up 12 of the most stunning AccuQuilt patterns I could find that can be made using JUST ONE DIE! Many of you who have an AccuQuilt cutting system may already have many of these dies at home, because most of them are very popular. If you don't have an AccuQuilt cutting system already, stop by the shop to see a quick demo anytime and you could even take one home with you! The best thing about all these patterns is they are completely FREE, and all of them can be made using your stash of scraps at home!

(Note: To download the patterns, you have to add them to your shopping cart on the AccuQuilt website and go through the checkout process. However, you won't have to enter any payment information since they are free downloads!)

1. Twirling Star Quilt - Uses Half Hexagon Die (#55437)

2. Churn Dash Baby Quilt - Uses GO! Big Churn Dash Die (#55459)

3. Braided Beauty Quilt - Uses 45° Parallelogram Die (#55148)

4. Value Die Sampler Quilt - Uses Value Die (#55018)

5. Log Cabin Love Wall Hanging - Uses Log Cabin Die (#55349)

6. One Hour Scallop Pillow - Uses Scallop Border Die (#55417)

7. Crazy Cores Quilt - Uses Apple Core Die (#55036)

8. Woolly Bits Scarf - Uses Hexagon Die (#55011)

9. Triangle Sherbert Quilt - Uses Equilateral Triangle Die (#55079)

10. Flying Rainbow Geese Quilt - Uses Flying Geese Die (#55456)

11. Christmas Wishes Quilt - Uses LeMoyne Star Die (#55453) (Technically this pattern uses two dies, but the second is just for the border so I am still including it because it's gorgeous!)

12. Stepping Stones Quilt - Uses 3 1/2" Square (#55006) & 6 1/2" Half Square Triangle Square (#55001) (This also uses two dies, but they are both small dies that are basics you may already have.)

I hope you enjoy these patterns! Let us know what you think in the comments or if you have any others to share!

May your bobbin always be full,